środa, 23 maja 2012


during a walk by the city, in the middle-spring time, with having nothing to do, I decided to go to see an exhibition. the uniqueness! it happened to me to meet Jan! after trying to meet, for a long time, it just happened, as everthing in the world wanted to make that meeting. for a long time, I didn't felt magic is arround, and it happened in that one moment. maybe that is beacuse Jan is a kind of magic person, which is so full of inspiration, someone between dream and reality, someone who is connected, with himself and someting much more. a kind of wolf, that runs between worlds.

Jan told me beautiful thing, that he feels great being in Kraków, home and anywhere he will be, because he is with himself, deeply inside. ready to feel.

so much:

I was going home, in a train. I looked through the window, watchng forest which the train was passing. everything was so green, as it hurt my eyes. firstly I looked at tops of the trees. and than came the forest. trees covered by dark and shadow, thoughts about mystery of living, asking about sense. in that moment I saw as in the mirror, my own face, in the reflection in the glass. there was one second, I saw sense of living. my own in the forrest. that was moment of being total honest to myself.

make every spring of your life, different from another. make it year by the year, every spring, definitely new. whatever it means.

night trip, made my legs flourish.

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