środa, 18 kwietnia 2012


may almost came to the city. time is happening so fast. just came from home, just came from school in Sącz. just moved back to Kraków. and may it's almost here. white trees so around. it's amazing, how fast time is spinning around. but am I here?

I am thinking a lot. so a lot, as usually. about art, and about what really is an art. art is a sadness. it's an unbelievable mystery of transience. sad look to people you love in that moment so much, that you would better like to die, than to lose them. than to lose that pervasive worlds you see as your realities. in the moment, that is so much real, than you can't believe that ever started.

that is how looks my Krakow's world.

photos: Asia Sobesto.
actually, Asia is much feeling model.

kim jesteś?

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