piątek, 15 czerwca 2012

day by day.

chestnuts are overblown. I am walking by the city, with sunglasses on, even it's very rainy day. I am dreaming not to meet anyone I know. ada never cries, though.

I feel like I am dancing in the dark. I don't know where to go, I haven't ever seen any way, I don't know which one way to take. What my body tells me? What my breath means? Is there a kind of life in my thirsty body. Where am I? My eyes are so tired, just as my mind.

trees and mountains, in a woman's psyche are supposedly a symbols of masculinity. and their tops are actually quite realistically unreal top of existance.

one day my roomates took key to our apartment, for their trip to another part of Poland. two crazy days, I didn't knew what is happening. dancing, drinking all night in Kazimierz, sleeping    at friends bed. calling everywhere to find help. we've made a kind of robbery to our own room. thank God, I lost opened window, while we were going out! 

so, there is happening, a moment of decisions, after 3,5 month I want everything to change again.

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