piątek, 29 czerwca 2012

last on kremerowska.

again, the stories of my life are packed to a few boxes. as someone said whole atmosphere and climate of my room, I will take with me, in a bag. it's so weird, 6-month story now I can put into a bag, in a one evening. and bear somewhere, to a place that whole stuff will be waiting, for a new ada's story. everything I can be happy of, is that there are people in my world that they will never say "no", and will help everytime, even they are in similar situation.
now it's time to force every kind of strenght, that I've got in my mind, to make everything as I want.

even that all my stuff is packed to a boxes, I am free. I can do everything I like now. a look for everything is good to me. feel what means 'good to me".
5 minutes on Kremerowska, just for last cigarette.

finally I became Dylan, without any direction home.  

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