sobota, 15 czerwca 2013

pulled up.

listening in a day, having dreams in the night. I suppose, other very new, special, and unpredictable fascination came. it's sure it's basically music fascination, but it's not only a story about music. I can't even explain what about the story is, yet to me. by listening, watching, searching, I can find a deep story. the fascination is, those two words, and a years of a history of expressing. really smashed me taste of bitter sweet jam, made by grandma Pearl.

MTV collected all original movie clips to PJ's songs. 

for, sure PINK POP Festival, 1992.

and a story about Pearl Jam, PJ20, a full version of a bio movie.

it enjoys me so much. music, story, searching to. understanding all of it, what in the culture can be described as "Pearl Jam".

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