poniedziałek, 23 kwietnia 2012

let me see your white tree.

behind a trees, there is a mountain. I saw that mountian before, but I still can't remind it's shape. I think I don't need to rember it, because it fascinates me, and it makes me excited, much more, when it is behind trose trees. my interirority is full of awareness of existance that mountain. 
it's the most beautiful mountain I ever seen. I wish to get up on it, feel it smeels, breath it. 
stars, brighter than ever such as greener trees, try to divert my attention.
I am so small now, but I feel much bigger. only want to get a trip. so lonely trip, a walk among a trees to see a mountain. even that I know how mountains look like, very well. 
everything that seems disturbing to me, will lead me to the dawn. that time, everything ever prevented me, will show me the way to the peak. I will touch a cloud, even whole life I feel like I was among it. I promise to make a dance on the mountain peak.

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