sobota, 21 lipca 2012

beyond worlds.

from that moment, every day of my life will be much more worth than every day ever. I need to be much more worth than ever. 
I just got to know that Insulin can kill me. if there will be too much of Insulin in me, I can fall asleep last time. it's such weird feeling when you know, that your life is truly in your hands. my life belongs to me like in no other time. 

diabetes is my friend. diabetes will be my friend until I'll take a lesson from it. than we will walk away from each other in happiness and health. 
it's weird but I feel that I needed a reason to take a care of myself. my body again was smarter than me. it can be the most important lesson in my life. 
lesson of getting to know body, that I am.
lesson of making my life organized.
lesson of tasting.
lesson of taking care of ada. not only in mental, emotional, psychical way.

I will be in love with tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, grapefruits, and Cola Zero. those things are not making sugar in me rise, so I can eat every amount of those things.

beyond worlds.

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