poniedziałek, 16 lipca 2012

kremerowska away.

I came to Kraków to say "goodbye" to Kremerowska. to apartment I lived for last 6 months. to place I felt so much. I did. and when I said "goodbye" to that magical place, it told me so. 
while coming to Kraków by train, I cryied one tear. I love you Kraków, but just in a moment I am losing you. once again big city overwhelmed me. I so love you city of a dream, but we cannot be together any more.

well. plants need fresh ground to live, to be in a center of beautiful bloom. a space of ground called "fallow". I need to have a possibility to grow in the fallow. or to make possibility to Kraków to be fresh ground, full of vitamins, minerals for me.

I need to make a fallow of my ground everytime I fell the moment. it's so important not to hang in a place you  don't feel.

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