środa, 18 lipca 2012

my new friend Insulina.

very, the craziest summer ever. 

did you ever had a walk by the river, in a complete darkness of a night? did you ever had a kiss, sitting on a fallen tree in the middle of a wild river? did you were ever laying on a beach, watching midnight clouds with one of your childhood friends? 
kissing him more than anyone else before.

did you ever met one magic person, who would give you those experiences to pass throught with?

yes, I did.  the night and the sky was the most beautiful. I was the most beautiful, completely naked. the fire was the most beautiful. and you Little Prince very much!


in the most sad place, in the hospital, the sweetest girl in the world, is having a lots of tubes all arroud her hands. that hospital is a kind of space between yesterday and tomorrow. yesterday she heared about  next mystery lesson she will need to take from life. 
Ada you are diabetic. 
and tomorrow will always have one name, a name of a new friend. new best friend called "insulin".

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